12 thoughts on “An Abbynormal Vacation 27

  1. So when’s the next update?

  2. Just wondering about the next update . . .

  3. What’s happening with “Abby’s Agency”? . . .

  4. The update-schedule here seems less-than-optimal…?

  5. Still holding out hope for the next update to come.

  6. What’s up? It’s starting to feel like the comic is permanently paused, with no intention to at least complete the current storyline. I’d really love to see it continue, but . . .

  7. Has the artist given up on updating? Will we never know the outcome of this adventure? I’d love to see the end of at least this storyline. 🙁

  8. Well, that was fun while it lasted, and it lasted a while. I prolly shouldn’t have caught up all in one night, but oh well. :3

  9. Is this the orphan comic, that begs for the scraps of your attention?

  10. Do we have any hope that you’ll at least finish this storyline before you abandon “Abby’s Agency” completely?

  11. She’s been in there an awful long time.

  12. I only hope the author and her daugther being ok, I remember they had some health problems …

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The Writing Process (1 Comment)

So not only do you all get a chance to get to know me through this blog, but Tiffany’s new site allows my original scripts to appear under the strip.  So you’re going to get an extra chance to see how Tiffany and I work together.  I’m both excited and intimidated by this.  I carry around a PDA which I use to jot down my ideas where ever I am.  Once I have a bunch finished, I collect a group of them and send them off to Tiffany.  She’s the one that puts the final coat of polish on it.  Unfortunately it’s not much of a high end computer for things like spell and grammar check, even the format is a little primative.  So please keep your laughter aimed at the strip and not my script.

05/29/2008 (6 Comments)

(Tony comes in with another, rather “flamboyant” male)

Panel 1

TONY: Hi everyone, this is my… friend, Bruce. He dropped me off and I wanted to bring him in, introduce him and show him around.

Panel 2

BRUCE: What a fabulous place! Oh it’s just lovely! Oooo, you’re all just fabulous!!!

Panel 3

(Abby and Plague watch them walk off.)

Panel 4

PLAGUE: Excuse me. I have to go change.

Greetings! (2 Comments)

Hello everyone!  Thanks to Tiffany’s great new page design, I get to join in on the blogging.  I’ve never been much of a blogger, so hopefully this will be an excellent opportunity for all of us to get to know one another a bit better.  Hopefully I won’t do too much meaningless rambling. For those that don’t know me, I’m Mark Mekkes, I’m the writer for Abby’s Agency.  I also do the comic Zortic, and am part of the Web Cartoonists’ Choice Awards and Podwarp 1999 (speaking of which, I did slip an Abby’s Agency plug into the normal SciFi discussion last week).