12 thoughts on “An Abbynormal Vacation 27

  1. So when’s the next update?

  2. Just wondering about the next update . . .

  3. What’s happening with “Abby’s Agency”? . . .

  4. The update-schedule here seems less-than-optimal…?

  5. Still holding out hope for the next update to come.

  6. What’s up? It’s starting to feel like the comic is permanently paused, with no intention to at least complete the current storyline. I’d really love to see it continue, but . . .

  7. Has the artist given up on updating? Will we never know the outcome of this adventure? I’d love to see the end of at least this storyline. 🙁

  8. Well, that was fun while it lasted, and it lasted a while. I prolly shouldn’t have caught up all in one night, but oh well. :3

  9. Is this the orphan comic, that begs for the scraps of your attention?

  10. Do we have any hope that you’ll at least finish this storyline before you abandon “Abby’s Agency” completely?

  11. She’s been in there an awful long time.

  12. I only hope the author and her daugther being ok, I remember they had some health problems …

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Have a Good Memorial Day (2 Comments)

One of those strange things to say. It’s Monday! And as you can see, we have a new site and most of the kinks fully worked out. You can register an account if you like, or not. After your first post is approved, your posts pop up immediately. I’ve also put up various other things and extricated the Abby Vacation from the archives to place in a seperate folder when I can resume it again, which may be awhile because I have 15 other wordpress installs to do and set up. This week is leading up to A-kon 19 for myself. I will have copies of Abby’s Agency #2 (and I’m going to go and add a store tab in just a moment with links to the books and other items.)

A-Kon 19

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