12 thoughts on “An Abbynormal Vacation 27

  1. So when’s the next update?

  2. Just wondering about the next update . . .

  3. What’s happening with “Abby’s Agency”? . . .

  4. The update-schedule here seems less-than-optimal…?

  5. Still holding out hope for the next update to come.

  6. What’s up? It’s starting to feel like the comic is permanently paused, with no intention to at least complete the current storyline. I’d really love to see it continue, but . . .

  7. Has the artist given up on updating? Will we never know the outcome of this adventure? I’d love to see the end of at least this storyline. 🙁

  8. Well, that was fun while it lasted, and it lasted a while. I prolly shouldn’t have caught up all in one night, but oh well. :3

  9. Is this the orphan comic, that begs for the scraps of your attention?

  10. Do we have any hope that you’ll at least finish this storyline before you abandon “Abby’s Agency” completely?

  11. She’s been in there an awful long time.

  12. I only hope the author and her daugther being ok, I remember they had some health problems …

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Broken Glasses = Unfinished Updates

On Friday, I had two pages of Abby’s Agency on my desktop to be colored. I adjusted my glasses and they bent in half. I knew they were going to. I had seen a tiny crase in the metal several days before, but had hoped that they would hold as long as I was careful with them. They didn’t. i WENT TO wALMART WHERE i GOT THEM FROM AND THE FRAMES ARE DISCONTINUED. :/ aND THE LENSES COULD NOT FIT IN ANY OTHER GLASSES AS THEY WERE A VERY UNIQUE SHAPE. 🙁 aND THEY WOULDN’T LET ME ORDER NEW GLASSES OFF MY PERSCRIPTION BECAUSE IT WAS OVER TWO YEARS OLD. 🙁 🙁 tHEY WOULDN’T EVEN LET ME HAVE contacts. 🙁 But they did recommend I take them to a local jewelers to see if they could repair them, so I took them in and was told I’d get them back Saturday mrniing. Fine. I can still get stuff done. Hours and hours into Saturday and two phone calls later, I was finally informed at 6:30 pm that they would not be ready until Monday because the frames needed to be rebuilt. 🙁 🙁 So ALL of my work is sitting in a half finished state and I gave up. I’m typing this on the desktop, because it’s easier on my eyes than the laptop and my Note won’t let me log into wordpress for some bizarre reason I haven’t figured out yet. 😀 I’ll figure it out! Just not today. I can’t see the letters at all and I know I just typed a bunch of sentences with caps lock on. :/ D’oh. No updates this week. They WILL go up next week. – Tiff, seemingly a little plagued lately.

Delays Delays

There isn’t an update this week. It has been inked and flats laid, but I have not been able to shade it. I ran out of time. 🙁 We were under tornado watches Monday and Tuesday and I was pretty much a wreck the entire time, because I don’t have anywhere safe to go. It was unusual since it was mostly during the day as well. Tornado season is pretty much over for us and so are the conventions. I should at the least, have next next week’s comic up! One. Maybe two! I will keep you updated. = Tiff