I am still having problems with my laptop and after contacting HP about the issues, they would like me to send it in again. 🙁 I haven’t been able to get the Yiynova I planned to replace my laptop with, so I’m going to spend the weekend inking since that’s what I do the quickest on my tablet PC. I’m going to try to ink using my intuous, but it’s not as fast or as nice to my eye.

No, I’m not wanting to go out and get a Surface Pro. 😀 The screens are too small and I don’t feel it’s worth the price as it currently is. Next fall, I’ll probably be after one if the prices drop, they have Haswell, and they have LARGER screens. I work on a 12.1″ screen. Pros have a 10″ screen. 😀 2 inches makes a huge difference! For now, I just want a device that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and does what it’s supposed to do without glitching constantly!

That’s pretty much it.

– Tiff