MY Stockpile

I’m one of those people. 😉  Well, except that I never buy in bulk like that.  See here. Pictures.

I average 60+% savings on name brand products.  Today I ended up with 4 free quarts of soy milk and 7 pounds of yummy pork chops for $7 .. instead of $30. 😀  It’s all in playing the game and knowing the right sales at the right stores.

Uhh.. and the comic’s delayed while I letter the strips right now!  (While watching Death Note.)

Missed it … by that much

Nope, not sure entirely what happened, but there will be three updates this week if I have to stay up until midnight to get them done. :D  (Then of course.. I also forgot I have to come and post here individually and had it posted on my livejournal.)

– Tiff -btw, you can tell which one of is posting by the categories.  There is a category for Tiff’s blog and Mark’s blog.  We have to have the Primary Blog set to post to the main page.