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  1. One of the most effective Drug Enforcement Agents in the south, at least about 20 years ago, worked out of this area for a while. He looked nothing like an agent, which is probably why he was so effective. I never actually met him but I knew the man that rented them the space they used as a headquarters then. He told me about it, well after the fact when there was no danger of the word getting out to do damage to them. Their work led to a huge bust I understand.

  2. I worked in libya and our security and local contact guy looked totally harmless like your friendly neighbor. (or a bit like Face from the A-Team) When the Revolution broke out, he coordinated the evacuation from all the companies around with about 15 planes and helicopters. He was retired from the british SAS. (Thats the navy seals for the americans).
    Actually we new about his and his colleagues past about the army.
    One of them they said was undercover in Irak for 6 months in the Bush Senior war to free Kuwait. I had a hard time to believe before.

  3. I just love the fact that Plague has been on a mission already and Andy hasn’t!

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