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5 thoughts on “02/19/2008 (4 Comments)

  1. That’s what she calls a “small handicap”?

  2. If I had ANY idea how to work those things, that would be super-awesome fun. Wait a minute… turn-based strategy would work great with punch-cards!

  3. Ok now that one was funny, though quite a few of them were funny as well. They must have had to dig that computer up from a grave yard.

    That would be some handicap.

  4. how much you wanna bet he’s still kill leader

  5. I’m dating myself a bit with this one. =) Back in the 70’s our high school had a punch card based computer. Some of the (very few) students able to get into the class and use it would write programs to punch out pictures. They were recognizable even if only holes punched in a card. Rumor had it one student even made cards with a nude woman’s picture.

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