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  1. Yeeahh… you may want to rethink the whole “liking” HS bit, Abby. ‘Cuz I don’t think Brian is buying it after you admitted playing that fiendish torture device known as a tuba.

    1. Actually, the tuba’s pretty refined compared to it’s predecessor the Ophicleide.

      The Ophicleide
      by Prof. Cabbage

      The Ophicleide, like mortal sin
      Was fostered by the serpent.
      Its pitch was vague, its tone was din;
      Its timbre rude and burpant.

      Composers, in a secret vote,
      Declared its sound non grata*;
      And that’s why Wagner never wrote
      An Ophicleide sonata.

      Thus spurned, it soon became defunct,
      to gross neglect succumbing;
      A few were pawned, but most were junked
      or used for indoor plumbing.

      And so this ill wind, badly blown,
      Has now completely vanished:
      I nominated the saxophone
      to be the next one banished.

      Farewell, offensive Ophicleide,
      Your epitaph is chiseled:
      “I died of ophicleideicide:
      I tried, alas, but fizzled!”

      *Except for Hector Berlioz, who used it in in several of his early compositions.

  2. Huh, in strip 609 she said that she WAS in the drama club in high school.

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