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Strip 296

(Brian and Abby are sitting in the dim movie theater)

Panel 1

(Brian peeks at Abby)

Panel 2

(Abby peeks at Brian)

Panel 3

(Brian looks at Abby)

Panel 4

(Abby looks at Brian)

Panel 5

(Brian leans toward Abby)

Panel 6

(Abby leans toward Brian)

Panel 7

(Brian kisses Abby but misses and kisses her eye)

ABBY: Missed it by that much


This one ...was a bit tricky in the drawing department.  I'm afraid I failed. :P  Now that it's done, I can think of all kinds of things I should have done.

4 thoughts on “296 (4 Comments)

  1. LOL! How’s that for reality in comics?

  2. Except he now needs to spill the soda on her and have some gummi bear stuck in his teeth. (hit enter before I was done typing)

  3. two classics in one pannel.

  4. It looks great, It made me laugh. ^^

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