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Strip 299

Panel 1

(As the lights come up they get up to leave)

BRIAN: We’re going to be in so much trouble if anyone finds out about this

ABBY: We’ll just have to keep a low profile. We’ll be fine.

Panel 2

(They walk arm in arm toward the exit)

BRIAN: We work for a spy agency, are you sure that’s going to be possible.

ABBY: Now that you mention it, maybe it could be a problem.

Panel 3

(They exit to find the entire office staff standing in the parking lot)

CARRIE: The mall theater, huh?

7 thoughts on “299 (7 Comments)

  1. Awesome…love the Mole T-shirt!!

  2. Looks like it’s time for Plan B.
    Run, maybe?

  3. Run? Where do you go to get away from a spy agency? i’m pretty sure they are in some trouble at least any way this goes down.

  4. They could run, but they couldn’t hide… but yeah, I didn’t think that comment through well enough. Running away isn’t their thing.

  5. Hehe… I love The Mole… I so want a Mole notebook..may have to make one myself.

  6. My mom thought they would have reruns during the season, so I missed several episodes for Piano and such, all well.
    I also saw a commercial recently for the Mole saying it was “A new original series”

  7. it’s up on youtube if you wanna see it. Best show ever.

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