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Strip 308(Yes... I got out of sequence.)

Panel 1

MADRID I just think it's not right to allow employees to date each other. Someone should be putting a stop to this.

Panel 2

DICK Haven't you dated the entire training division?

Panel 3

MADRID I meant that nerdy employees shouldn't date.

7 thoughts on “307 (7 Comments)

  1. Could she perhaps be fired for discriminating against other employees, or something related?

  2. hehehe … good expression on Agent Keen in the last panel.
    Been there, done that, managed not to smack the smug off the [deletia]

  3. And that is why we are getting nowhere in this country. Egotiscal people that care only for their own personal glory and status instead of the think of the group.

  4. two quick history lessons!
    1. George Washington, after leaving the White House, advised to not have political parties.
    2. “Ask not what your country can do for you; but what you can do for your country.” — JFK All though I may have misquoted it.

  5. I can’t help saying it – I’m glad it’s not my country you’re talking about, Ben, but it applies almost everywhere.

  6. @fancy pants: Argh! Bad Memories! You know who said that before JFK? well remember a little blackhaired Austrian who ruled Germany from 1933 to 1945

  7. …I want to kick her in the face, but damn if I don’t love her outfits.

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