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Strip 307

Panel 1

BRIAN I've put together a business plan for our relationship. I figured we should go over it together.

Panel 2

BRIAN I've allocated 6 months for getting to know each other followed by a 2 week team building vacation. Then followed up by a week of self evaluation. I've scheduled us for a one on one meeting in November, it's on your outlook calendar.

Panel 3

BRIAN This is romantic, isn't it?

ABBY It's a good thing you're cute.

5 thoughts on “308 (5 Comments)

  1. What next? A Budget? Romance will never be the same…

  2. what can you expect from a guy wearing a sweater-vest?

  3. There are worse possibilities… like quantifying love.
    Hahaha… Quantum Philodynamics!

  4. I have a feeling this gonna be a difficult relationship.

  5. Quantum Philodynamics would also be QPD – Cupid-e!

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