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  1. Ah, the worldly oblivious nerds joke again

  2. Just about the only sport I’ve ever played for fun. 😀

  3. Spies playing softball? I would think lasertag, paintball, or airsoft guns. Then again, if the game’s not exclusive to the agents, those may have problems…

    1. Why not? The X-men have played it.

  4. Sirbacon: would those be? after all the regular employs would go after the agents… of course after keen’s display of skill in the online spy game he might still be unbeatable… of course he seems to be unusually skilled at those things.

  5. Laserforce… team laserforce… *drool*

  6. @Jindra34, by “those” I meant the sports I had mentioned; airsoft and paintball mostly. While Andy and Brian might play video games fine, I wouldn’t trust them with anything that actually shoots.

  7. @sirbacon: I understood that, i just wondered if the agents (except keen) would stand up so well if everyone else was gunning for them.

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