324 (4 Comments)

Strip 324 10/23

Panel 1

BRAD Nick-meister!

NICK Bradley, what are you doing here?

Panel 2

BRAD Busy, busy busy, Big Guy. I've got a major media blitz going on regading our upcoming mission. What's going on in your PR world?

NICK Nothing! We're a secret organization, we keep our operatons covert.

Panel 3

BRAD Sounds to me like someone's taking the easy route.

NICK It's called seniority!!!

4 thoughts on “324 (4 Comments)

  1. So.. Nick is the head of the PR Department!?

  2. Yes, he’s the head of publicity and public relations of a secret organization. Could there be a more cushy job?

  3. That certainly explains why he hasn’t been fired yet.

  4. Or why he never dose anything…

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