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Strip 338 12/11

Panel 1

ANDY Agent Keene, have you ever met Mr. A?

DICK Of course, we meet regularly.

Panel 2

ANDY So you already know that Nadia is really Mr. A, don’t you?

DICK What are you talking about?

Panel 3

ANDY I have proof that Mr. A doesn’t exist.

DICK Really? What proof is that?

Panel 4

ANDY He has never come down to supervise the mailroom! How can he run a major organization without micromanaging the mailroom!

DICK You really have a distorted view of your own importance, don’t you?

6 thoughts on “338 (6 Comments)

  1. Are those donuts? I’ll take … that one!

  2. I’m having problems with the RSS feed. Every time the comic updates, it doesn’t show up in the feed. I’ve re-subscribed multiple times, but it keeps happening. Is anyone else having this problem?

  3. Frith Ra: You do realize they’re likely to be a batch of the cyanide donuts, or something like that, right? 🙂

  4. If I can find where I dragged it off to on my server, I’ll send you the layout I used. It handled four different blogs with the latest post to each displayed on the main page. Might take a while though, there’s 4 TB of data on that thing.

  5. Unless their the cyanide donuts; then, they are tasty to your last bite.

  6. Is anyone just gonna slap the disallusioned mail clerk?

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