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Strip 339 11/16

Panel 1

ABBY So Brian, are you going to take to me to the office Christmas party next week?

BRIAN But you’re an employee, you’re already invited.

Panel 2

ABBY Yeah, but I want to go with you. We are dating now.

BRIAN But we can’t be both employees and employee guests. That… that can’t work, can it?

Panel 3

BRIAN Oh no! We’re going to have to find other people to date for the party! I don’t want to date someone else! I don’t think our relationship is strong enough to handle that! Is it?

ABBY Sweetie, if it’s stood up this far, I think we’re fine.

4 thoughts on “339 (4 Comments)

  1. May your holidays bring you all the joy you’ve brought me since I found your work!


  2. He needs tranquilizers…. The boy is too high strung.

  3. He needs brain damage … . The boy tends to over-think things.

  4. The girl’s a saint, I swear! XD
    Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it, and to the rest, have a nice, if perfectly ordinary, Thursday! (even though in my time zone it’s the 26th already!)

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