Strip 344 1/1

Panel 1

(Abby and Richard stand in the remains of the Christmas party)

ABBY Well, it’s a new year and we have a new presidential administration. Do you think things are going to be different? Are we really gong to see any change?

Panel 2

(Charles and Plague leave the party)

CHARLES Leave me alone!

PLAGUE I am leaving you alone. You leave me alone!

Panel 3

(Brian and Nadia walk out)

BRIAN I just don’t see why we’re spending so much money on counterfeit currency?

Panel 4

(Nick walks past chased by Andy)

ANDY I know you’re part of the conspiracy!

NICK Leave me alone you little twerp! I have seniority!

Panel 5

(Madrid walks out with her arm around the Christmas tree)

MADRID So, your forest or mine?

Panel 6

DICK Nope.