349 (3 Comments)

Strip 349

Panel 1

CARRIE These budget cuts are killing us. We can barely afford groceries.

ABBY We’re not going to be able to afford rent either.

BRIAN I’m definitely not going too be able to keep my apartment.

Panel 2

ABBY Wait a minute! Why doesn’t Brian move in here with us, that way we can consolidate our bills and survive a little better.

Panel 3

ABBY What do you say, Brian. Would you be willing to live here with me?

Panel 4

(Brian is laying on the floor)

CARRIE Isn’t he too young to have a heart attack?

3 thoughts on “349 (3 Comments)

  1. Abby should take that as a positive sign about his character.

  2. And hilarity ensues…

  3. At least he is still breathing.

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