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Strip 358

(Abby and Brian are walking back to the apartment)

ABBY        You have to admit that the groceries are getting a little overboard.

BRIAN        I can’t help it, purchasing things is what I’m good at.

ABBY        Not to the extent that we can't live in our apartment.

BRIAN        I’ve made more room in the apartment.  I’ve taken  everything out of it’s packaging, it really freed up a lot of space.

(Abby opens the apartment door to reveal a solid wall of groceries)

BRIAN        Of course that freed up room for more supplies…

8 thoughts on “358 (6 Comments)

  1. Brian really needs to find a job, I don’t know if they can take him shopping any more.

  2. so, just wondering. but how long before they all get there jobs back. I mean it is called Abby’s agency. unless she starts up here own…

  3. what?? caught up no need more *whimper*

  4. At this point only Brian has been laid off. (Abby’s paycheck is no doubt going toward Brian’s groceries). Andy is just using using Brian’s situation as an excuse to move in with his girl friend.

  5. oh right. I sort of forgot all that.

  6. New Rule, Brian isn’t allowed to make anymore home purchases, for at least two months.

    1. If he’s still in the house by then…

  7. I look at this and I remember that my eldest sister and her husband, on their wedding night, could barely get into their bedroom for car parts.

    True story! 😀

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