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Strip 361

BRIAN        Abby!  I got a job!

ABBY        That’s great!  Oh Brian, I'm so proud of you.

ABBY        What are you doing?

BRIAN        Pizza delivery for Big Bob’s Pizzeria!

ABBY        I love a man in uniform.

BRIAN        The nice thing about a business degree is that anything can be considered working in your field.

5 thoughts on “361 (4 Comments)

  1. Brian is about to find out the food industry is more demanding than that.

  2. Oooo. this could get interesting. I give it less than a week.

  3. Hmmmm, blond guy with glasses and a business degree who delivers pizza for Big Bob’s Pizzeria. I wonder if I know anyone who fits that description…

  4. Do women really love guys who wear uniforms?

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