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Strip 368

BOSS        What exactly do you mean by a “birthday package”?

BRIAN        Balloons,  hats, party favors, everything!

(Knock at the door)

BRIAN        That must be the catering company now.

(Richard and Madrid are posing as caterers.)

BOB        Hey, they sent a stripper too!

4 thoughts on “368 (4 Comments)

  1. . . .
    The whole “layoff” thing was a giant “sting” operation!?!

  2. I hope your right Gray Skunk. But why Brian? He’s not exactly agent material, if you know what I mean. I wonder what the company’s gonna say when they see Abby/Brian/ Andy’s apartment.

  3. It seems hard to believe that Brian would be sent out as a double-agent.

    Maybe this is like the time where agent Keene stopped a major terrorist operation by walking into a 7-11 to get a slushee.

    Brian walks into a birthday supply store to ask for a “uranium yellow” cake, and its a WSC front.

  4. Brian a double agent? More like a half-agent.

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