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Strip 371

NADIA        What did you find out about the pizzeria?

DICK        Apparently it’s a GSI organization

NADIA        GSI?  That can’t be right.

DICK        It appears that there have been several splinters within the GSI organization who have been corrupting the organization.

NADIA        How bad is it?

DICK        Our best estimate is that, with the new recruitment surge of the agency, the renegade operatives have taken over 80% of the GSI organization.

NADIA        If only they’d use that bailout package for good instead of evil.

DICK        True.

6 thoughts on “371 (5 Comments)

  1. Is it just me, or is this comic getting subtly more political? Maybe not.
    Still good either way.

  2. You just had to use that overworked old comic book cliche, didn’t you.

  3. I believe Mark and I are opposite politically. 😉

  4. I confess, I am pretty liberal. But I try to stay as balanced as possible when I’m writing.

  5. love the comic. spent two days and i read all of it.

  6. Mark: Aside from the McCain cracks and the Protect Obama story, you’ve managed pretty well. It helps that the political jokes are few and far between.

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