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Strip 372

DICK        Nadia, there’s no evidence that Renee has any connection to the renegade GSI elements.  And at the rate that they’re corrupting their ranks, I can’t guarantee her safety within that organization.  I’d like to request permission to extract her.

NADIA        A bit sentimental for you, isn’t it Richard?

DICK        She’s a valuable operative, I’d hate to see her go to waste on a sinking ship when she could be more valuable as one of our agents.

NADIA        You want me to give your girlfriend a job?

DICK        She’s not my girlfriend, we just….

(Nadia glares at Dick knowingly)

DICK        Actually “Girlfriend” probably is the safest description.

2 thoughts on “372 (1 Comment)

  1. Now he’s committed!

  2. Oh, so that’s why Nadia smirks like that later on! 😀

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