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Strip 375

ANDY        I’m going to be your new boss, so you can call me “Mr. Morris”.  You’ll need to keep your lunches to a strict half hour and be sure to clear any bathroom breaks with me before abandoning your post.

RENEE        Hmm…

ANDY        Remember, as your supervisor, it’s imperative that you keep me informed and answer all of my questions as thoroughly and completely as possible in order to allow me to run my department to its maximum efficiency.

RENEE        Hmm…

ANDY        So….

ANDY        Are you really a spy?  What’s it like?  Have you killed many people?

8 thoughts on “375 (7 Comments)

  1. So, do you think Andy brings back memories of her old partner, Mr Turretts?

    I’m thinking thinking that Andy is an improvement still.

  2. Andy in a position of power. . . . I shudder to think

  3. Andy in a position of power… do I smell Armageddon?

  4. I don’t know. What does Armageddon smell like, anyway?

  5. This is why I hate that guy?

  6. wouldn’t it smell like brimstone? hell on earth and all that…

    Anyways, he is just being adorable, not creepy or anything., like a kid really.

  7. lol… I really don’t have much to say, just caught up on this one too, my previous amazing comment on the previous comic I visited stands for this one as well… I love the references that each comic has to each other to 😛

  8. Seems like he learned the Office blah quite well. He should still cut off the last bubble and maybe somebody will become his first follower.

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