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Strip 377

DICK        We have to be able to have a better use for a trained espionage operative than as Andy’s assistant.

NADIA        Not at this point.  Our budget is still pretty tight.

DICK        She could be my partner.

NADIA        You already have a partner.

DICK        Do I?

MADRID    Sorry I’m late, I got lost coming from the bathroom again.

3 thoughts on “377 (3 Comments)

  1. Now I know where all the old GM middle management went!

  2. @ alan: Just remember that it’s the *upper* management who decides *what* gets on the market. (i.e. Fuel-gulping SUVs and trucks rather than the more efficient cars.) Middle management tends to be more concerned with *how* they’re built and how *cheaply* they can be built. (i.e. How they can get the most work out of the fewest people for the least amount of money and how they can get the cheapest parts from their suppliers.) I’m not saying that GM’s MM were Einsteins with MBA*s (Far from it, actually!), but UM screwed quite a few pooches (remember the EV1 debacle?) on the way down too…

    *MBA: More Bad Advice

  3. I did 30 years at the bottom of the totem pole…promise after promise of “we’ll listen” followed by “shut up and get back to work”. Finally the last few years had started to get better, but far too late.

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