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Strip 378

RENEE        (leaning through his office door) Mr. Billingsly, I have your mail.

NICK        (off screen) Come in here and shut the door!

RENEE        Uh, I’m sorry.  Am I interrupting something?

NICK        (off screen)  My day’s are long and quiet.  Sometimes I need a little something to make things a little more exciting.

NICK        (off screen) You’ve been around, haven’t you, Ms. Petrov?  You know how to… do “things”?

RENEE        I mostly know how to defend myself in a wide variety of ways, Mr. Billingsly.

NICK        (Nick is standing in front of his desk with a grass skirt over his suit.  “How to Hula” can be seen on his computer monitor)  Yes, but do you know anything about Hula dancing?  I’m having trouble with this one move.

5 thoughts on “378 (3 Comments)

  1. At least he doesn’t have the coconut bra ^_^;

  2. At least he’s wearing pants under the hula skirt

  3. Nick doesn’t have enough to occupy his mind.

    …Wait, let me rephrase that. Nick doesn’t have enough mind to occupy with.

  4. maybe Nick is Mr A in disguise and a lot of seniority.

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