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Strip 380

FRAN        ‘Ey Renee mon, come out of dat dirty mailroom mon!

NADIA        Yeah mon, we got a better job for you, mon.

NADIA        We like you to be a data analyst, man.

FRAN        Ha ha ha ha  You called her an “analist”, mon!

NADIA        No mon, I said… Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

FRAN        (looking at her hand) Mon, me wrinkles look like Jimi Hendrix!

NADIA        Thanks for brinin’ in the brownies, Renee mon.

RENEE        Actually, I had them imported through inner office mail.

5 thoughts on “380 (5 Comments)

  1. Did you mean “inter-office mail”?

  2. Make a mental note: Never accept brownies from anyone at work, especially those that you have placed through some form of cruel torture.

  3. Ummm. . . So, the Jamaicans are cross-dressers?

  4. I gotta say, Tiffany really nailed the art on this one. Fran and Nadia are perfect!

  5. @FWTrump

    Especially if they can benefeit from putting you in some sort of “good mood.”

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