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Strip 383

ABBY                     We should go see Star Trek.

BRIAN                   I don’t know, doesn’t watching Star Trek make you into one of those crazy people?

ABBY                     It’s just a movie.  Just watching it doesn’t “make” you do anything.

BRIAN                   I don’t know.  I’ve seen those people that speak Klingon and wear costumes all the time.  I don’t want to turn into one of them.

ANDY                    (Still in his Starfleet uniform, hands Abby her mail) Incoming communication from Starfleet!

4 thoughts on “383 (2 Comments)

  1. Case and Point!

  2. Hey, I resemble that remark. :p

  3. You already are one of those people, Brian, you just don’t know it yet. I’m a geek, we know our own.

    I love how the mailboxes could pass for a lot of monitors in this strip!

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