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Strip 385

NICK                      How can you watch that new movie?  That’s not Star Trek.  William Shatner is the only real Captain Kirk.

ANDY                    Oh come on.  New actors take on roles all the time.

ANDY                    Daniel Craig took over James Bond from Pierce Brosnon, Christian Bale took over Batman from Michael Keaton …

NICK                      Sean Connery is the only real James Bond, Adam West is the only real Batman, Errol Flynn is the only real Robin Hood, Buster Crabbe is the only real Flash Gordon and Johnny Weissmuller is the only real Tarzan!

NICK                      And Elvis was the only real Elvis!

ANDY                    There was a real Elvis?

7 thoughts on “385 (7 Comments)

  1. Nice! might want to fix the ear in the middle panel though, it’s suddenly normal again.

  2. That old guy needs a flogging… Adam West was not in any way the real Batman. Batman is dark, batman is creepy, batman has the Joker that has killed boy-scouts/cub-scouts with poisoned cotton-candy (How sick is that!?).

    Adam West was… campy. The villains never really killed just caused petty crimes… and the Joker, was a joke. Adam West though did some good for the Batman franchise, that Batman was more “Do good by our example” kind of show.

  3. There was a real Elvis?
    NOW they tell me! 😉

  4. Going by Nick’s logic then Elmo Lincoln was the real Tarzan.

  5. Oh, and Batman was Lewis Wilson.

  6. “There was a real Elvis?”


  7. I heard he was an alien, like Michael Jackson!

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