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Strip 386

ABBY                     Worldstar how may I direct your call?

DICK                      Hello Abby, it’s me?

ABBY                     Hi Agent Keene, how’s your undercover assignment going?

(Richard is dressed as a priest and Madrid is a “sexy” nun)

DICK                      These have got to be the worst choices for undercover disguises ever.

5 thoughts on “386 (4 Comments)

  1. …OMG LOL!
    Worst undercover disguises for them but some of the best if you think about it.

  2. So that is where the Halloween Costume shops offload there inventory at!

  3. Wellllll……, Keenes’ outfit is fine, but with his ‘assistant’ it looks more like they’re dressed for some freaky porn movie. Because I’ve never seen any ‘normal’ nun showing both cleavage and leg. Ever!

  4. MephitMark – i’m a little worried that you’ve seen a nun showing either really! lolz

    Love this comic is awesome!

  5. Our Lady of Perpetual Motion…

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