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Strip 390

MADRID               It’s possible that the Vatican is hiding a secret bloodline.

DICK                      Or maybe they’re trying to manipulate the ascension of the next Pope.

POPE                      (off screen) Madrid?  Is that you?

MADRID               Benny?  I haven’t seen you since Father Frank’s party last year!

(Madrid is hugging a certain robed figure with a big pointy hat)

POPE                      Who’s your Holy Daddy?

DICK                      (to Madrid) Is there anything you don’t corrupt?

6 thoughts on “390 (6 Comments)

  1. Well… she gets around. That means she has connections…
    Now if she could use them for good instead of ev… uha… S… humm… entertainment.

  2. How is “entertainment” NOT using her “connections” for good? This particular connection might even help with their mission…

  3. I bet Father Benny and Madrid’s night was filled with bible quoting and discovering the wonders of god creation. >_<“

  4. Ohhh I BET they discovered something god had a hand in.

  5. I think Agent Keene and the rest of you are leaping to conclusions. There’s nothing there to suggest that anything more went on than a little friendly conversation. Perhaps Benny is just a fan, maybe he’s an old friend of the family, or maybe Benny secretly is her daddy… Or maybe you’re all right and I’m wrong. At least in that case I hope there’s no video.

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