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9 thoughts on “Cover (9 Comments)

  1. Is that a corgy?

  2. Considering the Syke owns a corgi, probably.

  3. Why, yes it is a corgy. Question is, whose is it?

  4. God, I hope so. Corgis are amazing.

  5. No. It’s a green cap.

  6. I KNEW IT!!!

    The welsh corgi is really an evil infiltrator!

    (Sorry. I can’t help myself. I’m big on evil infiltrators.)

  7. If you like Corgis, you’ll love Xyliatales:

    (Look for “Livy”.)

  8. Perhaps it’s “Ein”, the “data-dog” from “Cowboy Bebop”?

  9. It’s the security dog Corgi from earlier! *grins*

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