Madrid Identity 709

Strip 709 –6 MADRID    (looks around) Shoulder pads and a locker room?  Don’t tell me I’m a football player.   MADRID    Your average jock wouldn’t be using judo moves like that.  Why am I pretending to be part of a football team?   MADRID    I must be undercover to infiltrate this sports organization for some reason.  That would mean I’m a spy!   MADRID    (looks down at what she’s wearing) …And since I’ve been stripped down to my underwear, obviously my cover’s been blown.    

2 thoughts on “Madrid Identity 709

  1. Wow, more intelligent than you would think.

  2. This all fits my theory that Madrid only pretends to be an air-head because life’s so much more fun that way. Not sure I should admit this, but I tried something of the sort myself for a while.

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