Strip 712 – 9

(Madrid slips out of the arena and in the street she runs into Andy who is wearing a giant, foam #1 finger)

ANDY        Hey, if it isn’t Number 18, herself!

MADRID    (thought balloon) Agent 18?  That must be my code name.  He must know who I am, but I can trust him?


ANDY        So how’s the game going?

MADRID    (thought balloon) Ah yes, “the game”, another term for spycraft.  I guess that confirms that I’m a spy of some kind.

MADRID    You know I’m not allowed to talk about that.


ANDY        Oh yeah, right.  Don’t worry; you can count on me to keep quiet.  I just came by to tell you that Agent Keene is looking for you.

MADRID    Agent Keene?


ANDY        Apparently he doesn’t like what you’re doing, like usual.

MADRID    (thought balloon) Ah, an adversary!