Madrid Identity 715

Strip 715 – 12 ABBY        I can’t get ahold of Madrid.  I can’t even leave a message. RICHARD    (his cell phone rings) Hang on, here’s Andy.   RICHARD    (trying to answer)  Hello… Andy?   …Oh man…   RICHARD    He sent a video with no message.  Why can’t he make a phone call like a normal person?  Everything needs to be a spy game?.   RICHARD    (looking at his phone) Hmm, it’s Madrid breaking into the downtown library.  And here I didn’t think she could read.  I guess I better go get her before she gets lost. ABBY        Do you want me to send in some backup?   RICHARD    I’m going to give Madrid a ride home, not face a criminal genius. ABBY        Sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking.  

2 thoughts on “Madrid Identity 715

  1. Again, hoping you’ll be willing to let the character stay changed, though perhaps not as starkly, after the end of the ‘arc’
    I won’t really hold it against you if it’s back to the status quo – it’s an interesting story, and shouldn’t be punished – but I would consider it major points in your favor if you handle it well.

  2. Silly me, I was with Richard on the whole library thing. Live and learn I guess.

    And I get the feeling that Richard and Abby are in for a rude surprise on the Madrid front. 🙂

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