Strip 718 – 15

MADRID    (still strangling Richard) You’re saying you don’t know anything about what’s going on with Senator VanDoren?

RICHARD    Why should I know anything?  You’re his daughter.


MADRID    Fine!  (knocks Richard unconscious with a karate chop to the base of the neck)


MADRID    (activating the computer that she left on) “His daughter”, what is that supposed to mean?  This would be so much easier if I could remember what my mission is!


(An image search of  “Senator Vandoren’s daughter” reveals a photo of Madrid)

MADRID    She does look like me.  That must be my cover.  But why would I need to pass as the Senator’s daughter?  I wouldn’t need to be that close to him for a protection assignment.  The only other possibility is…


(In the foreground, Richard’s phone is still on and connected to Abby.)

MADRID    Oh no, I must be an assassin.