Strip 635
(Richard and Madrid appear to be sitting at a table on the snowy porch of a ski lodge in the Alps.)
MADRID Did you know that the “TEC” in TEC Land stands for “Tomorrow’s Experimental Community?”
RICHARD (sarcastically) Amazingly educational.
MADRID You have to admit, this place is impressive.
RICHARD I don’t have to admit anything.
MADRID How can you say that? You can’t even tell we’re in a theme park. This feels like we’re really in Zurich, doesn’t it? The costumes, the decorations; everything is just perfect!
(The Alpine Bear Jamboree rises out of the stage in front of them. Feel free to slip in a little kid crying.)
RICHARD Yeah, the robot bears in lederhosen playing polka music is uncanny.
MADRID At least you stopped complaining about the 90 degree weather.