Mission MacGuffin 636

Strip 636 (Carrie and Andy arrive at the TEC Land Amusement park) CARRIE TEC Land! What a great idea. ANDY Yup, Tomorrow’s Experimental Community Theme Park.   ANDY This place has everything, prototypes of all the latest technology, cultural experiences from around the world and great rides.   CARRIE It’s just nice to have you off work so I can spend a whole day with you. ANDY That’s right, a nice relaxing day of fun.   (Richard and Madrid walk past Carrie and Andy without either group spotting the other.) MADRID and CARRIE What could possibly go wrong?

3 thoughts on “Mission MacGuffin 636

  1. Andy is the kind of guy who would stand atop a lone hill in the middle of the storm and shout at the heavens that the thunder goddess is ugly, isn’t he?

  2. Probably not if he thought he could hit on her… you know like a seductive spy kind of maneuver.

  3. Ya’ know, one of these days a web-comic character is gonna make that statement and absolutely nothing is gonna happen.

    Shortly after that occurring, the world will end… 😀

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