Mission 637

I'm not doing well on my buffer, but oh well, I AM UPDATING!! And Mark has more scripts incoming which look like fun! :D - Tiff Strip 637 (Richard and Madrid meet Virginia Sharp and Paris along a canal in Venice. Virginia’s a skilled GSI agent and Paris is a big handsome lunkhead, basically the gender opposites of Richard and Madrid.) VIRGINIA Richard Keene, what brings you here? RICHARD Virginia Sharp? Are you still an agent with GSI?   MADRID (eyeing Paris) Who’s your friend? VIRGINIA I’m sorry, this is my partner, Paris. RICHARD And this is my cohort, Madrid.   MADRID Hi Paris. PARIS Hi Madrid VIRGINIA So I take it you’re here to get the plans for the MacGuffin from Professor Stanley? RICHARD We’re just here on holiday; what would give you the idea we were on a mission.   RICHARD But, really? That’s what they’re calling it? The “MacGuffin”? VIRGINIA I know, can you believe it? PARIS (To Madrid) I’m a spy. MADRID (To Paris) Me too!

3 thoughts on “Mission 637

  1. My Dog! The END is Nigh!! The combination of those two together will be the death of the world!! Nay, dare I say it? The Universe! 😀

  2. “I’m a spy.”
    “Me too!”

    Obviously Madrid and Paris haven’t *quiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite* figured out what being a spy is all about…

  3. Same hair color, same IQ and both are named after the capital of a country (Spain and France)… Seriously ?

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