Strip 638
(Andy and Carrie are walking through a technology exhibit when a man in a lab coat steps out of the shadows. They’re heading toward a giant globe shaped building that looks similar to Epcot’s Spaceship Earth.)
CARRIE What should we do first?
ANDY Let’s ride the Worldstar tour of tomorrow.
STANLEY Did you say “Worldstar”? Are you the secret agents from the Worldstar Agency?
ANDY As a matter of fact we are!
(Professor Stanley hands Andy a flash drive.)
STANLEY Here are the plans for the MacGuffin. Be careful there are enemy agents who are also after it.
ANDY Gotcha! I will guard it with my life!
(Professor Stanley disappears back into the shadows.)
CARRIE Wow Andy! You’re getting caught up in another top secret mission.
ANDY (waving the flash drive around) Oh come on, Carrie. This isn’t a real. It’s just part of the show.