Strip 639
CARRIE How do you know it’s not a real mission?
ANDY That guy is just an actor. He’s one of those TEC Land “Sci’s-The-Limit-entists” that shows off the gadgets here. He’s just trying to pretend we’re in the middle of some exciting adventure.
CARRIE Are you sure.
ANDY Of course, he called it a “MacGuffin”. That’s an Alfred Hitchcock expression for something that the characters are interested in, but ultimately means nothing to the plot.
ANDY The story is that two guys are riding on a train and one guy asks the other guy what’s in his suitcase. He says it’s a “MacGuffin”. So the first guy asks “What’s a MacGuffin?” The other guy says, “It’s a device for hunting lions in Scotland.” First guys says, “But there are no lions in Scotland?” So the second guy says, “Then that’s not a MacGuffin!”
CARRIE I just can’t believe you’d get something for free in an amusement park.
ANDY (looking at the flash drive) It’s probably just full of TEC Land video ads.