I didn’t intend to skip an update. I just forgot to upload the comics, d’oh! I’m going down the list right now and starting at A and going slowly as I upload all my comics and make SURE they are uploaded right!

– Tiff

Strip 640
(Virginia, Richard, Paris and Madrid are sitting around a table at a Cairo sidewalk café. Paris and Madrid are staring at each other adoringly.)
VIRGINIA I really didn’t take you for a theme park kind of guy, Agent Keene.
RICHARD Adventure’s my middle name.
VIRGINIA Even when the adventure has a height requirement?
RICHARD (holding up his hand) I am over “this tall”.
VIRGINIA (Getting up) Well, if you’ll just excuse me, I have a reservation to get a caricature done.
RICHARD (Suspiciously) Sure you do.
(Virginia leaves.)
RICHARD (Getting up) You two are obviously busy, so I’ll just leave you alone for a while.
(Richard leaves.)
PARIS (Getting up) I think he’s going after Virginia, I better follow him.
MADRID (Also getting up) I’ll help.