Strip 645
(They come to the end of the ride and Andy and Carrie climb out of the car.)
RICHARD Now listen to me carefully, Andy, that device you were given is extremely important. I want you to quickly and quietly leave the park and return the device to the office where you’ll turn it over to Nadia. Is that clear?
ANDY Yes, Agent Keene.
(Richard walks away)
CARRIE See! The MacGuffin really is important!
ANDY No it’s not. Don’t you see what he’s doing?
ANDY He’s making fun of me. He knows I’d make a big deal out of this stupid fake doodad and he’s trying to play it up so I’ll make an even bigger fool of myself back at the office. He’s probably going to expect me to storm in and tell everyone how I have this really important thing that turns out to be nothing.
CARRIE Oh Andy, I’m so sorry.
ANDY Come on, Carrie. Let’s leave. I’m not having fun anymore.