Strip 656

MOONBEAM    The key to acting is to reach into your own memory to find the emotions you need to bring to your role.  The technique is called “sensory recall”


(Moonbeam is standing over Richard and Madrid who are sitting, lined up on the floor like they’re on a toboggan.)

MOONBEAM    I want you to imagine that you’re on a toboggan sliding down a hill and use your memories of the feelings and sensations from your own past to create the scene in your mind.


MOONBEAM    (eyes closed using her own sensory recall) Feel the wind rushing past you.  Feel the bite of the cold air.  Feel the gentle bouncing of your sleigh as it races across the frozen ground.


MOONBEAM    Agent Keene, why do you keep looking over your shoulder?

RICHARD    I’m using my sensory recall


RICHARD    The last time I was on a bobsled the leader of an international extortion cartel was chasing after me with a machine gun.