Strip 657

(Richard and Madrid are seated on folding chairs around a small round table.  Moonbeam is directing them.)

MOONBEAM    The best way to learn to act is to act like you’re learning.

MADRID    That makes sense.

RICHARD    (mumbling) No it doesn’t.


MOONBEAM    The scene is an Italian restaurant, and you’re old acquaintances meeting together again for the first time in years.  Try to come up with some back story for your characters; how you met, how you felt about each other, why you separated and how you feel now.

MADRID    I have a question?


MOONBEAM    Yes, Madrid?

MADRID    At what point does my shirt fall off?

RICHARD    (annoyed) This is not that kind of scene!


RICHARD    (to Moonbeam desperately) It’s not that kind of scene, is it?