Strip 659

(Moonbeam makes a grand entrance into Nick’s office.)

MOONBEAM    Mr. Billingsly!

NICK        (waking up at his desk) What?  I’m awake!!!


MOONBEAM    I understand that you’re in charge of public relations and marketing for this organization.

NICK        That’s right, I do it all; very important.


MOONBEAM    I need you to start promoting that the Worldstar players will be presenting a production of the classic American musical Oklahoma!  Hold nothing back; use all of your skills and contacts.  We need everyone to know of it, nothing but sold out performances for the entire run!

NICK        You do realize that we’re a secret organization, don’t you?


MOONBEAM    What would a marketing person be doing for a secret organization?

NICK        (going back to sleep) Exactly my point!