Oklahoma 660

Strip 660 (Plague enters Renee Petrov’s office) PLAGUE    Agent Petrov, Nadia has requested that you help with the play that we’re putting on. RENEE        But I’m not an actress.   PLAGUE    According to the dossier we uncovered from your time with GSI, you worked with a wide variety of demolitions and firearms for them.  I was thinking that you could help out with some special effects for the show? RENEE        Aren’t you doing Oklahoma?  What kind of effects could you need?   PLAGUE    Oh you know, mostly “wind sweepin’ down the plain” kind of stuff. RENEE        And you need someone with demolitions skills for that?   PLAGUE    We don’t have a wind machine, we need to generate a breeze somehow. RENEE        I see.  

2 thoughts on “Oklahoma 660

  1. and the last time I was in Oklahoma, demo’ work would be perfect for creating the “wind sweepin’ down the plain”. Scorching hot and dry as dust… 🙂

  2. “Oh what a beautiful..” KABOOM

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