Strip 669

(Brian is looking onto the stage from the wings as Abby and Richard finish their scene.)

MOONBEAM    Curly and Laurey kiss… And scene!  That’s it, let’s call it a night.


(Close up of Richard and Abby.  Abby seems a little dazed.)

RICHARD    Are you okay, Abby?

ABBY        I’m sorry I don’t have any state secrets to share with you, Agent Keene.


ABBY        But, I have to admit that you are a really good kisser.

RICHARD    (shrugs) Just one of the skills necessary for my job.


ABBY        Isn’t it proper form to compliment a lady back after she’s complimented you?

RICHARD    You didn’t try to stab me in the back while you were kissing me, that is a welcome change.