Oklahoma Part II 669

Strip 669 (Brian is looking onto the stage from the wings as Abby and Richard finish their scene.) MOONBEAM    Curly and Laurey kiss… And scene!  That’s it, let’s call it a night.   (Close up of Richard and Abby.  Abby seems a little dazed.) RICHARD    Are you okay, Abby? ABBY        I’m sorry I don’t have any state secrets to share with you, Agent Keene.   ABBY        But, I have to admit that you are a really good kisser. RICHARD    (shrugs) Just one of the skills necessary for my job.   ABBY        Isn’t it proper form to compliment a lady back after she’s complimented you? RICHARD    You didn’t try to stab me in the back while you were kissing me, that is a welcome change.

2 thoughts on “Oklahoma Part II 669

  1. Jago of the 7 knives

    Bet Richard hadn’t had a decent date in years!

    1. He’s had plenty of them. It’s just that someone usually winds up dead or in prison at the end of them.

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