Oklahoma Part II 671

  Strip 671 (Madrid is dressed as Aunt Eller and Carrie is Gertie.  The actors can be holding their scripts to show that they’re still in rehearsal) GERTIE    Look who’s here, Aunt Eller! ELLER        Why it’s Will Parker!  You do any good in the steer ropin' competition, Will?   (Carrie looks stunned and Madrid is still staring into her script.  Nick is still off stage.) WILL        You bet I did, and that ain’t all I done! ELLER        No tellin' what you been up to. Bet you carried on plenty over there in…   (Nick appears in a grass skirt, a coconut shell bra and a cowboy hat) MADRID    (confused) Kansas City? NICK        I can’t help it!  I thought we were doing South Pacific!!!  

3 thoughts on “Oklahoma Part II 671

  1. Now where did I put that bottle of brain bleach? … Dang it! I just had it a moment ago!

  2. I would pay real money to see Oklahoma done using South Pacific costumes and sets.

    “ooooOOOOOOOK-inawa where the wind comes sweeping o’er the sand!”

  3. At least a cover for the tits. Hurray, no nipplegate!

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